I make tattoos, try to make some art, and try to be outdoors as much as i can.

I work out of, and co-own, PIONEER studio.  It has been one of my homes away from home for over 9 years now, and i couldn't be more proud of it.  

The tattoos I make, reflect strongly, my interests in anything the natural world has to offer.  Plants, Fish, Frogs, Insects, Flowers, Birds, Mountains, Water, Trees, anything falling under nature's umbrella, are all in my wheelhouse.  Not to exclude, however, the world of Skulls, Dragons, Strange Animal Hybrids, SCI-FI, etc.

I have focused my work on Black and Grey, and will ONLY be taking on Black and Grey projects from now on.

I work by appointment only, trying to fill roughly 4 months at a time.   I try to accommodate as many clients as I can, but there are only so many hours in a day, so I must be selective. Pricing is based hourly at $200/hour. Small and large projects are welcome alike.  The meticulous nature of my tattoo approach means they take time.  Please note that some larger projects can take several months to complete, and time frame should be considered when entering into these types of tattoos.

The contact form below is the first step in the booking process.  Please include a brief description of your concept.  The information you provide will help me make sure I'm a good fit for your project.  After reviewing the contact form and determining if we are a go for the project, you will be contacted to book both a consultation and subsequent tattoo appointments.

click here for the CONTACT FORM

All consultations go through this process, so please, to honor your time, mine, and the clients I'm working on, refrain from stopping by the shop without an appointment. 

I have the utmost appreciation for my clients.  I'm honored to get to know them and do my best to make the whole tattoo experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  Thank you so much for visiting my page!